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Planning a trip to the gem of North Africa? Here’s the ultimate list of what to pack for Morocco.

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What to Pack for Morocco

There’s a reason Morocco is known as the gem of North Africa. It has towering, snowcapped mountains, a lush Mediterranean coastline, ancient cedar forests, a sea of desert dunes in the south, and chic, cosmopolitan cities. It’s a beautiful, geographically diverse country. And then add on the conservative culture inherent in all Muslim countries. Needless to say, figuring out what to pack for Morocco can be challenging and chaotic.

To help make your life a little bit easier, here is my ultimate guide on what to pack for Morocco.


Weather in Morocco

Morocco has four distinct seasons – hot summer, wet and snowy winter, comfortable spring and autumn. But the extent of just how hot or cold each of those seasons gets depends on where you are in the country. For example, southern Morocco, with its arid desert landscape, is very different from Tangier, with its temperate, sometimes humid Mediterranean climate, which is very different from the towering Atlas Mountains.

So no matter what time of year you’re visiting, be sure to pay attention to which cities are a part of your itinerary. Morocco has a lot of geographic diversity and, therefore, weather conditions, for such a relatively small country.

weather in morocco

A Moroccan oasis

What to Pack for Morocco


General rule when thinking about what to pack for Morocco: As a Muslim country, Morocco has a more conservative dress code. But compared to other Muslim countries like Egypt and even Jordan, Morocco is much more relaxed. Tourists are free to wear whatever they want (and they do!). You won’t be kicked out of anywhere if you wear leggings or wander around in workout gear (half the tourists I saw in Marrakech would be in serious trouble if that were the case).

However, I believe in being respectful of your hosts, and when in a country like Morocco, that means being a little more aware of what you wear in Morocco than how you would dress at home. That doesn’t mean that women have to cover their hair, but locals will appreciate it if you at least keep your knees, shoulders, and cleavage covered up.


Basic temperature regulating t-shirt: A basic quick-drying t-shirt is perfect for any trip because they’re so versatile and comfortable, particularly in Morocco. They’re a great lightweight, sweat-wicking option for Morocco’s hot summers. But they’re also good for layering in the winter on chillier days.

Long-sleeved temperate regulating top: When deciding what to pack for a trip to Morocco, this type of shirt is a necessity, regardless of season. Morocco is pretty mild in the winter, with comfortable daytime temperatures and cooler nights. A long-sleeve shirt that handles that range will be very useful. But they’re also great in the summer, because the sleeves will help protect you from the brutal amounts of sunshine.

I highly recommend a safari shirt like this one that lets you roll the sleeves up or down. I love to layer these shirts with a tank top and scarf or wear them on their own. They’re super versatile and perfect to pack for Morocco.

what to pack for morocco

Wearing my white safari shirt in Casablanca

Blouses: In addition to the other two types of tops, you’ll also want one or two cute shirts for when you aren’t riding a camel into the desert. One of my favorite shirts ever is this one from Etsy – I have so many pictures in it from Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan!

what to pack for morocco

My favorite travel blouse – Tazart, Morocco


Lightweight loose fitting pants: Leggings are a no-go in Morocco if you are being respectful of the local culture. Instead, reach for a pair of lightweight, loose-fitting pants. I’m a huge fan of these joggers – I have multiple pairs in multiple colors and love that they can be dressed up or down. I didn’t wear any other type of pants on my trip to Morocco, that’s how versatile and comfortable these are.

what to pack for morocco

I have these joggers in white, black, and army green. I wear them while traveling and at home!

Hiking pants: For chillier days, jeans or hiking pants are a good option when thinking about what to pack for Morocco. These Columbia pants are my favorite travel pants because they are flattering, comfortable, and keep their shape.

what to pack for egypt

Love my Columbia travel pants! (Pic taken in Jordan, but they’re great for Morocco too)

Skirts: I personally never wore a skirt in Morocco, but I know lots of women do, especially for taking pretty instagram pics in the palaces and riads. I saw many people wearing this type of skirt, or this one. Or, if you plan on having a nice dinner at some point on your trip, you may want to pack a dressier outfit. Just remember to keep it longer than knee length if you do choose to pack one.


When thinking about what to pack for Morocco in terms of jackets, it depends on what season you’ll be there in. If you’re visiting in the summer, no need to bog down your suitcase with a heavy jacket, unless you plan on spending an extended amount of time in the mountains. If you want to bring something just in case of rain or an unusually chilly morning, I recommend this lightweight, waterproof windbreaker.

But if your trip is taking place in the shoulder season or in the winter, remember that Morocco does, in fact, get quite chilly. And the desert is downright cold, reaching into the twenties and teens Fahrenheit at night. I recommend taking a packable down jacket – you probably won’t need it much, but you’ll be happy you brought it for those really cold days, and especially if you spend a night in the Sahara. For something lighter but still warm, I have a cargo jacket similar to this one that worked well for me in Morocco.

High atlas mountains

I was so glad to have my down coat in the Atlas Mountains!


A women’s packing list for Morocco does not need to include a scarf, at least not to use as a head covering. That’s true even when visiting the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. You may, however, want a scarf to keep you warm in the winter, or just as an accessory (I love a pretty, flowy scarf!).

what to pack for morocco

Scarves are one of the easiest outfit accessories to pack and they always look good!


All-purpose sneakers: Comfortable shoes should definitely be on your what to pack for Morocco list. You’ll be doing a lot of walking over uneven streets and uncomfortable pavement, so you need reliable footwear. I am a huge fan of Allbirds – they are worth the hype. As someone with high arches and issues finding comfortable tennis shoes, these are amazing. They are cute, easy to wash, and work well for both walking through the Marrakech souk all day and and navigating the hilly terrain of Chefchaouen. For Morocco, I recommend the Tree Runners over their Wool Runners (the wool line is made for colder climates North Africa).

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Sandals: Even in the winter, it’s usually warm enough during the day to wear sandals if you want to. I wore sandals almost the entire time during our December trip (with the added addition of socks when we were in the desert – yes, I’ll admit, I wear socks with sandals in desperate situations).

These Teva sandals are amazing! They are so comfortable all day long and again, are great even if you have high arches. They can be both casual or dressed up a little (I’m wearing them in every picture above this). For a less dressy but more durable sandal, I love my Chacos (pictured below). I’ve had mine for almost 10 years and they are just as comfortable now as the day that I got them. They were great for hiking up the sand dunes!.

what to pack for morocco chacos

Me and my Chacos, hanging out in the Sahara

Gear and Accessories

Purse: Morocco’s city medinas involve walking through tiny crowded alley-like streets, with lots of locals doing their shopping, other tourists exploring, and vendors trying to sell you stuff. While Morocco is generally a very safe country, those kinds of places are ripe for pickpockets.

So when deciding what to pack for Morocco, you want a way to keep all of your valuables safe while carrying them with you all day. I got this small crossbody purse and it was perfect. It doesn’t have any fancy security features, but it’s small enough that I just kept it in front of me the whole time. But if you want something a little more secure, Travelon brand is a great option – I have their larger backpack and love it.

what to pack for morocco

Rocking my handy little crossbody purse in Casablanca

Filter Water Bottle: Like most countries in the region, you cannot drink the tap water in Morocco. Bottled water is readily available everywhere, but in case you’re in a pinch, having a filtered water bottle like this one will come in handy.

Travel Wallet: You always need a wallet. When I’m traveling, I always use my favorite RFID-blocking wallet. It keeps my passport and credit cards safe from digital thieves, but also has enough room for any cash I have on hand (and you’ll need a lot for Morocco!)

Plug Adapter: In Morocco, electrical outlets are Type C and Type E, so you’ll need an adaptor that’ll work for those types of outlets. I like this adapter because it can accommodate every type of electrical outlet and I can take it with me to whatever country I’m traveling to.

Neck Pillow: I don’t sleep well on planes – this is the only pillow that has ever worked for me! It’s comfortable, stable, and rolls up into a traveling case to prevent it from getting dirty in-between uses.


Sunscreen: Even in the winter, all my fellow fair-skinned travelers will want to bring sunscreen. It’s still sunny most of the time, and you’ll spend the majority of your time outdoors. When deciding what to pack for Morocco, be sure to include a tube of that.

Pepto Bismol: In addition to the water issue, Morocco has some different food options and you may not always know what you’re eating. I have a bit of a sensitive stomach, so I don’t go anywhere without Pepto Bismol.

Immodium: In case you do accidentally drink the water or eat too many fresh vegetables washed with it, you might find yourself in need of some anti-diarrheal Immodium.

Umcka Cold Remedy: Illness can strike at the most inconvenient times! My favorite cold remedy is Umcka. It’s all-natural but super effective and definitely helps shorten and relieve cold symptoms.

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Planning for a trip to the gem of North Africa? Then you need this ultimate list of what to pack for Morocco! #morocco #marrakech #chefchaouen #packinglist   Planning for a trip to the gem of North Africa? Then you need this ultimate list of what to pack for Morocco! #morocco #marrakech #chefchaouen #packinglist

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