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All About the Pink Caddy Travelogue

Welcome to the Pink Caddy Travelogue! This is my collection of stories from the road tips I’ve picked up that I want to share with others.

I’m Maggie, a 20-something politico, working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. But when I’m not trying to convince people to vote for pieces of legislation, I’m off looking for adventure! Being immersed in politics 24/7 can drive anyone crazy, so in order to stay sane (and get a breath of fresh, non-Swampy air), I travel as often as I can.  Exploring is a passion of mine – exploring the world, my backyard of DC and Virginia, the dark corners of my closet I haven’t looked at in awhile. Adventure can be found just about anywhere!


But even more than exploring on my own, I love being a virtual tour guide for other people. Whether it’s tips for a big trip or just unique suggestions for local outings in the DC area, I love answering questions. So if you have any, send them my way!

But what about the Pink Caddy?

No, I don’t actually travel the world in a pink Cadillac (that would be cool though!) When I was growing up, my mom worked as a successful Mary Kay sales director, and as a result, I got to be chauffeured in a pink Cadillac for years. Of the duo, I’m the GPS, the academic, the planner. I make sure the logistics are mapped out so that nothing goes wrong. But my mom always ensures that things never go according to plan.

The “Pink Caddy” (look at that old school digital camera watermark, good times)

Not on purpose, but just because we never know what will happen when the two of us are together on an adventure. (For those who don’t know her, she’s 5ft. (in the mornings), spikes her strawberry blonde hair, and has more personality than a roomful of yellow Minions.)

And so, chaos ensues everywhere we go. We’ve collected so many crazy stories that for years and years I’ve said that if I were to ever write them down, I’d call it the Diary of a Pink Cadillac. (For the full story, check out the “What’s the deal with the Pink Caddy?” post!)

“Pink Caddy Travelogue” isn’t exactly that; this isn’t a collection of childhood mishaps and misadventures that could only happen to the McKneelys (though they may creep in from time to time).  We don’t even have a pink caddy anymore, but those stories, many of which have been forgotten, are exactly why I don’t want to miss out documenting them any longer.

This blog is a way to write about all of the cool places, here or abroad, that I get to experience, both as a way to preserve those memories, but also to inspire you to travel too! Everyone should explore the world outside of their borders, even if they have a full-time job (like me!).

Happy travels!








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